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Teen Sex Addiction Intensives

Strengthen The Future of Our Youth

It is great to be young. People say that, “youth is wasted on the young” because our teenagers miss so many opportunities to make the right choices and to use their skills and talents correctly. It is time to help our teenagers make the best choices for the future. Making choices goes hand-in-hand with understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. It is important to set them on the right path.

Teen Sex Addiction Intensive

The Teen Sex Addiction Intensive is for young adults and teenagers dealing with sex addiction. Sensuality is everywhere in our children’s world. It’s in video games, movies, cartoons, anime, and advertisements. It’s on their phones and practically everywhere on the internet. Many teens fall into the trap of looking at explicit images, pornography, and inappropriate content. Your scheduled counselor will help your teenager navigate these minefields in our 3 Day Teen Sex Addiction Intensives. Teens will receive 3 counseling sessions a day and access to view Dr. Doug Weiss’s Clean BookDVD, and learning materials. Our intensives help teens:

  • Kill lust and live cleanly in freedom.
  • Understand what God’s plan for them is and for their relationships.
  • See the dangers, side effects, and pitfalls pornography presents.
  • Realize why compulsive self-sex negatively affects their self-image and mindset.
  • Honor their relationships and seek out good influences.
  • Live in reality instead of building fantasy worlds.
  • Create a custom recovery plan to avoid future addictions.

We set teenagers on the right path and give them hope for the future. The 3 Day Teen Sex Addiction Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are scheduled Mondays through Wednesdays.

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“Thank you for not turning your back on a broken and scared little girl who needed more help than only having a session once a month.”

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