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  Relationship Counseling 

Heart to Heart Counseling Center is the premier relationship counseling center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We care about you, your relationships, and helping you find solutions and answers to the difficult situations you are facing. We want you to feel in control of your life, empower you to make the best choices, maintain positive relationships, and make every day of your life better than the last.

A Letter From Our Counselors To You

The term, “counseling” is thrown around a lot these days. To most, counseling becomes a routine form of problem solving. Other counselors empathetically listen to your problems, sympathize with your situation, use active listening techniques to repeat the problems back to you with different terminology to show they were listening, and recommend obvious solutions to your problems – solutions you could have probably Googled yourself.

Here at Heart to Heart Counseling Center, we are different. We have to say that right? Everyone says they are different because they want to stand out from the crowd, be unique, show off their newly minted masters degree in counseling and tell you they can help you with your problems. No, really, we are different.

Why Heart To Heart Counseling Center Is Different

Heart to Heart Counseling Center is different. We are different not only in our purpose but also in our vision. Our counseling center was founded over thirty years ago for the purpose of healing sexual addiction and mending the brokenhearted.  Everyday we work with addicted, broken, and hurting people on their worst days. We help people who are running out of hope and who need miracles to turn their lives around. Through direction and guidance, we find ways to make those miracles happen.

Our leadership has an impact. Our licensed counselors are trained by our executive director and licensed psychologist, Dr. Doug Weiss, who has more than thirty years of experience working in the field of psychology, holds a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Psychology and has dedicated his life to helping others and training counselors and therapists.

Our heart for counseling is different. We don’t just offer counseling services at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. We offer you hope to change the future, release from your relationship crisis and actionable methods to make things better in your life now. Our licensed counselors bring you to a point where you can effectively negotiate your situation and make the best choices possible with the information you have.

So what are you waiting for? Call Heart to Heart Counseling Center now and schedule your appointment with our licensed counselors. We offer many different types of relationship, addiction and crisis counseling, and are ready to get you the help you have been looking for all this time.

What Types Of Counseling Do We Offer?

Our counseling services help you with the specific crisis, problems, and situations you are facing. These aren’t basic question and answer sessions or self-help mood therapy talks. Our counseling sessions strip your situation down to the core issues and get to the foundation of the problems. Our licensed counselors help you build a productive modality which allows you to carry the skills you learn forward to address future problems you are facing. For more information about counseling services or to schedule your appointment today, please call  us at 719.278.3708.

We also offer more focused counseling sessions called Intensives. Our Intensives are 3 to 5 days long and include three counseling sessions a day, structured assignments, and therapy DVDs and materials. Visit our Intensives Page to learn more about our intensive program.

Personalized Counseling Sessions

Your situation and struggles are unique. Find the right type of counseling that best fits your needs.

Sex Addiction Counseling

Sex addiction is a widespread problem in our over-sexualized culture. We offer help breaking the chains of sexual addiction.

Partner Counseling

It can be hard dealing with the fact that your partner is a sex addict. We are here to help you understand, cope, and recover.

Intimacy Anorexia Counseling

A lack of intimacy severely affects your relationships. We help you reconnect and share your life with the people you love.

Partner Betrayal Trauma Counseling

Your relationships are built on trust and intimacy. Betrayal shatters that trust and the trauma wounds you deeply.

Trauma and Abuse Counseling

Past actions and events in your life can affect you deeply and be hard to get over. We help you overcome trauma and abuse.

Marriage and Couples Counseling

Your marriage is arguably the most important relationship in your life. We help make sure your marriage remains strong.

Infidelity Counseling

Infidelity and affairs do not have to end your relationship. We help you deal with the pain, rebuild your relationship and find hope.

Therapeutic Counseling

Everyone struggles with different things – disorders, memories, and behaviors are a few. We help you find peace from your conflict.

Relationship Counseling

Relationships are challenging. Disagreements and problems often arise. We can help you make amends and save relationships.

Pastors Counseling

Being a spiritual leader can wear on your soul. We help you redefine your vision, rediscover your meaning and be refreshed.

Crisis Counseling

Life can seem like it’s spiraling out of control and like everything is going downhill. We help you recover from a crisis situation.

Premarital Counseling

Marriage is a big step and you need to understand each other very well first. We help you with premarital counseling.

Family Counseling

Families combine many different people, perspectives, emotions and personalities into one unit. We help you even out the chaos.


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