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Most Recent Bible Plan

This 5-day devotional plan is designed for parents navigating the complexities of the holiday season while carrying the heartache of a prodigal child. Each day, we’ll explore biblical wisdom, offer prayers, and provide practical advice to help you find peace, maintain hope, and embrace the true spirit of the season, even amidst your challenges.

“Get a Grip” is a practical guide to overcoming and taking control from the things that are controlling you and things that you’ve tried to leave behind time and time again. With real-life examples and step-by-step instructions, Dr. Weiss teaches how to identify and conquer these negative patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from the life God has planned for you.
This Bible plan, written by Christian psychologist Dr. Doug Weiss, is a practical guide for those seeking freedom from addiction. This plan is based on the 12-step program that has helped millions of people overcome addiction. Each step is rooted in biblical principles and offers a path to spiritual and emotional healing. Through this plan, Dr. Weiss offers insights, guidance, and encouragement to those who are struggling with addiction and seeking a life of hope, purpose, and joy.

Plans for the Prodigal

Many Christian parents endure the pain of having a prodigal child. Unfortunately, the trauma and grief of the parents of prodigals is rarely addressed in the church setting, leaving many to take this journey alone. There are real biblical solutions available to everyone who is walking through broken parent-child relationships and carrying the scars of what Christian Psychologist, Dr. Doug Weiss, calls the Prodigal Parent Process.

The famous story of the prodigal in Luke gives us an outline of the addiction process as well as the principles for the journey back. This story of addiction is timeless and so are the principles for recovery. God’s desire is always for us to leave our addictions to follow Him. Join me, as I walk scripture by scripture through the journey of the prodigal.

Plans for Lust Free

As men of God, we should live with honesty and transparency, striving to integrate God into every area of our lives, including our sexuality. In this plan, Dr. Doug Weiss offers encouraging prayers for you to break free from lust. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed, you can make a choice to live with sexual integrity – and this choice can impact those around you and future generations.

As men of God, we should live with honesty and transparency, striving to integrate God into every area of our lives, including our sexuality. In this plan, Dr. Doug Weiss offers encouraging prayers for you to break free from lust. Whether you are single, married, divorced, or widowed, you can make a choice to live with sexual integrity – and this choice can impact those around you and future generations.

Anyone can walk in freedom from lust. Christ has already paid the price for it. This study will give you tips on how to overcome the lies that lust can lead you to believe. God has already given you the power to protect those you love from ravages of lust. it’s time to walk in total freedom from lust!

Lust attacks Christians every day. These attacks come in many forms. Lust uses images, entertainment, and social media, but also lies to Christian men to keep them trapped in sin. These lies can grow into future problems. Once you understand lust’s lies, you can have the upper hand to fight lust and win! In this plan, we will expose lust’s lies so you can live a lust-free lifestyle.

Living Lust-Free is our birthright as Christians. The secular world we live in calls on us to lust daily. God calls us to live a life of sexual integrity – free from lust and sexual sin. This devotional is an invitation for you to start a lust-free lifestyle. You will be equipped with biblical principles that can help you fight and be free from the temptations of lust.

Plans for Betrayed Wives

Betrayal from your husband is one of the most painful traumas a woman’s heart can experience. Right now, your heart has many questions: Where was God? Why did this happen? How do I heal? Can I heal? This plan is designed to help you answer these questions as Dr. Weiss walks you through tools to heal and become stronger through this storm as you hold the hand of the Father.

This plan is for any partner that has been betrayed by their spouse. Join Dr. Doug Weiss as he offers a daily word of encouragement and prayer for you, a woman who has been betrayed. I believe you can heal and begin to move forward in your season of healing.

Plans for Marriages

Love is such an important concept for us as believers and it’s imperative that we have an understanding of what love is and how to love, even when it may be difficult. Love is a choice, and through this plan, Dr. Doug Weiss will guide you on how to love like Christ loves the church.

Because sex is considered “taboo” in many churches, some couples may feel lost about some of the big topics regarding sex. Dr. Doug Weiss, a psychologist who has helped married couples reconnect intimately and sexually for decades, biblically and therapeutically answers some of the toughest questions about healthy, biblical sexuality and guides you through some foundational principles so your sex life can be the best that it has ever been!

Living a servant marriage is a revelation on God’s masterpiece of marriage. In this plan, you will learn more about God’s creation of man, woman and marriage. You will also be introduced to the Father God, but also the Father-in-law God in your marriage. Work through this plan with with Dr. Doug Weiss to walk out a servant marriage in your home with your spouse.

The sin of withholding is often undetected, however it is responded to by God in a consistent and firm manner. This sin is active and alive in churches, marriages, and families and has been present without a voice. As a result, our marriages and families are suffering. Once a believer is free of this sin, their walk with the Lord and their fruit toward others can increase expediently.

A father sets the standard for all other men in his daughter’s life. In this plan, you will find letters Dr. Doug Weiss wrote his own daughter during a critical stage in her life – her freshman year of college. Whether you had a Christian father or not, Dr. Doug speaks to young women sharing Christian principles that can help encourage and set you apart in your walk with Christ.

Plans for Christian Living

The biblical identity of the Christian man goes deeper than the labels that society may give. So, where does this leave the Christian man? In this series, Dr. Doug Weiss dives deep into the creation of man, the foundation of why men were created, masculine identity in Christ, and how YOU can make a multi-generational impact in the lives of your children, spouse, co-workers, and more! 

If the lies of worthlessness have snuck into your soul, then roots of worthlessness can impact significant areas of your life. As you move into your position of worth with Christ, you will inspire others to be free and feel worthy as well. This battle is not only worth fighting for yourself and those you love, it’s also worth winning!

This plan gives you a foundational understanding about your innate design as God’s child. Addiction, betrayal, abuse, or neglect can all cause trials in our lives that can trigger feelings of worthlessness and defeat. God’s Word reveals that your soul is not capable of being destroyed. Once you recognize and embrace your indestructible nature, you can change how you think, feel, and believe about your past, present, and future.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Join Dr. Doug Weiss as he guides you through biblical principles set in place by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs. In these seven days you will start a journey to gather wisdom and attain the fear of the Lord through daily disciplines you can implement in your life.

Fighting and recovering from any addictions can be difficult to navigate. This devotional offers biblical truths as well as practical tips to help navigate your path toward freedom. Jesus Christ paid the price so that we could all experience His freedom. Those in the church can be free! Many have walked out their freedom from addiction by applying these principles.