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Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Counseling: What We Do

Our Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ counseling sessions are for anyone working through being betrayed by a loved one. Betrayal is a process usually surrounded by lies, manipulation, and emotional abuse. It leads to consequences of broken trust, a lack of confidence in that loved one, and a reality where you question everything you know just to feel safe again. Our licensed counselors help you recover from the trauma of betrayal.

The loss of trust can occur when a person is unfaithful to their partner or spouse in a relationship. This issue is not just related or limited to physical relationships. Infidelity is a component of betrayal and can happen on different levels including emotional and relational levels. The pain of the betrayal is deepened when the betrayer lies and tries to hide their actions.

Physical infidelity is a part of betrayal and most often involves pursing intimacy, affection and sexual relationships outside of a monogamous relationship or marriage. Finding out that your partner or spouse has cheated on you physically can make you feel dirty, unwanted and unloved. Any lies about the cheating also create more trauma.

Emotional infidelity can lead to broken trust and is based on creating emotional connections to other people outside of a monogamous relationship or marriage. This type of unfaithfulness can take the form of emotionally bonding, sharing secrets, discussing deeply personal subjects and spending large amounts of time with another person.

Relational infidelity betrays the importance of our relationship and is the act of creating relationships that are more important than a partner or spouse’s relationship. It involves placing emphasis on taking care of that other relationship and placing their needs above the needs of your partner or spouse.

Betrayal does not have to end your relationship. By remaining committed to each other and by working together, you and your partner can recover your relationship and rebuild trust. Our counselors can work with you together and separately to make sure all of the underlying issues, concerns, and emotions are addressed.


We have over thirty years of experience helping couples and individuals recover from being betrayed, broken trust, and losses of confidence at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews from our clients who have successfully recovered from betrayal through our counseling programs.

Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Counseling

Our Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ counseling sessions help you understand the betrayal in your relationship, know the depth of trauma, and begin the road to recovery. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour.

Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Understanding the trauma you experienced.
  • Validating your sense of loss.
  • Working through the stages of betrayal recovery.
  • Helping you understand your emotions.
  • Working with you and your partner or spouse.
  • Rebuilding trust together.

Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Intensives

Betrayal is a sign that deeper issues are affecting your relationship. Our Intensive program is focused on couples and individuals who are dealing with problems like betrayal, broken trust, and more. The intensives are 3 or 5 days long. They include a full treatment program with three daily counseling sessions with Dr. Doug Weiss or one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr. Doug, access to our recovery DVDs and materials, anger work, polygraph testing opportunities and more. Give your relationship the best chance of recovery through our intensive treatment program.

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Recovering From Betrayal In Relationships

Betrayal is one of the hardest issues to work through in relationships. It effects you to the very core of your being and creates doubt about everything. You can choose to walk away, abandon the person you love and leave everything behind or you can choose to stand strong, and rebuild your trust, love, and relationship.

We have seen thousands of relationships heal from betrayal trauma over the years. If you choose to recreate trust, it is worth it in the end. Our counselors can help you see that your relationship is worth saving and that your best days and memories are still to come.