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Do you feel broken, trapped or betrayed by sexual addiction or intimacy anorexia?
You are not alone. We are here to help you and will guide you through your relationship crisis.
Your road to healing and new life starts at Heart to Heart Counseling Center.

Heart to Heart Counseling Center specializes in sexual addiction counseling, treating intimacy anorexia and supporting partners. We are the premiere relationship counseling center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

For over thirty years, we have helped relationships heal after dealing with sex addiction and intimacy anorexia, brought husbands and wives back together and helped couples find their intimacy again. We change lives.

Dr. Weiss, the founder and executive director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center, is a nationally recognized psychologist and sexual addiction expert who coined the term intimacy anorexia almost a decade ago. Dr. Weiss has dedicated his life to help others understand sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia, provided quality training for counselors around the world and continues to use his expertise to heal marriages.

Our hope is to provide you with healing and tools to transform your life. Our mission is to rebuild your relationships and make them stronger and better than ever before. Our counseling and intensive programs will help you heal and begin to live the life you were intended to live.

Our Mission At Heart to Heart Counseling Center:

Healing The Broken Hearted

Our Intensive Program

Our three and five day intensives are the pinnacle of excellence in sex addiction counseling. Our sex addiction intensives, with Dr. Weiss or one of his trained counselors, offer real solutions for individuals and couples who are struggling with sex addiction or intimacy anorexia and are designed specifically for where you are in your relationship and in the recovery process.

Your recovery and healing will be dramatically increased by our intensives. You will leave with an expert understanding of your sex addiction or intimacy anorexia problems, and you will develop an excellent recovery plan for the future as well as create opportunities for ongoing support.

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Our Counseling Services

Our counseling sessions are focused on those healing from sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia and their partners. We also provide relationship, marriage, family other other types of counseling. We offer specialized counseling sessions for individuals, couples, spouses or partners, teenagers, families, pastors and ministry leaders.

Our counseling services give individuals a personal treatment plan for successful healing. For couples, our counselors help them navigate through the critical phases of disclosure, move into the process of recovery and rebuild trust in their relationship. We help spouses and partners work through their loss, understand their emotions and reveal the "why" behind the behavior.

We have helped thousands of couples rebuild their relationships, renew their intimacy and maintain a healthy connection with their partner after completing our program.

New Releases

Marriage After Addiction DVD

Marriage After Addiction helps you understand what do to next in your marriage after discovering addiction. Addiction can have devastating affects on previously healthy marriages. Learn how you and your partner can recover.

Marriage After Addiction DVD

Upgrade Your Sex Life - The Book

Dr. Doug just released his newest book, Upgrade Your Sex Life, on finding your unique sexual expression. Learn how to upgrade your sex life by enjoying the best relationship of your life while you discover a renewed outlook on your sex life. This book is an updated version of the book 5 Sex Languages book.

Upgrade Your Sex Life New book

When You Marry A Child Don’t Expect A Man DVD

Learn about Dr. Doug's latest DVD, When You Marry A Child Don’t Expect A Man. This video is for every woman who is dealing with an immature man in her relationship. Doug will teach you how accept this reality and take steps to help your man grow into maturity.

When You Marry A Child Dont Expect A Man DVD Cover
Dr Doug at Heart to Heart Counseling Center




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What Our Clients Say:

"Not knowing what to expect, my husband and I were blown away by the caring, the detail and the plan to go forward, that we received after 3 intense days at Heart to Heart. I would recommend this center to ANYONE needing freedom and recovery for the many issues that come up in a marriage!"

-A.W., Kansas

"This intensive marked the first time I have been one hundred percent honest with myself, my wife and God about my addiction. The fact that I’m leaving with a concrete action plan with consequences for inaction or breaking any part of the plan gives me confidence that I will be able to succeed with God’s help."

- J.L., Colorado

"Before coming here I did not realize just how much I still needed to recover from everything. I learned so much from the sessions with Dr. Weiss and I feel like I’m now going home without the massive weight that I’ve been carrying around. I felt like we were coming here more for my husband and his issues but this week has unexpectedly been equally about me."

- S.H., California

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