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Sexual Freedom Class

This class is for recovering sex addicts who need an extra helping hand to end their sexual addictions.

What Is The Sexual Freedom Class?

The Sexual Freedom Class is a series of five videos that focus on breaking the chains of sexual addiction and staying free from it. Each video also includes a PDF handout to make sure you understand every concept and have the best chance for recovery.

Sexual Freedom Class

This class is for men who tried to stop their sex addiction, looking at pornography or other sexual behavior and failed. You need to find help outside of yourself and your own willpower. You can live a life free from sexual behaviors.

Dr. Weiss, the class instructor, has been free from his sexual addictions for over 30 years. He can help you be free too. This is a five-session class which consolidates what you need to know right now to get and stay free your entire life.

Sexual Freedom Class

This 5 Part online class is exactly what you need to put you on the path to real sexual freedom for the rest of your life. You can live a life free from sexual behaviors.