Support groups are essential components of the addiction healing process.

Types of Support Groups

We host two types of support groups through Heart to Heart Counseling Center. The first type are Telephone Support Groups. These support groups are held over telephone conference calls and are the best option for attendees who are not able to attend local support groups. The second type are Local Support Groups. These support groups are held on-site at our counseling center office and are the best option for local attendees.

Telephone Support Groups

Find a telephone group at a time that is convenient for you. Every group is led by one of our therapists. These groups do have an attendance limit per session. Please contact us for more information about joining a group.

  • Topic based recovery groups
  • Confidential groups where you can be open and honest
  • Community that is committed to their recovery
  • Master Level Counselors who are personally trained by Dr. Doug Weiss

Local Support Groups

Our local supports groups are led by trained group leaders and counselors. Please contact us for group meeting times and for more information about joining a group.

  • Topic based recovery groups
  • Groups where you can be open and honest that are committed to recovery
  • Leaders who are committed to help you through your recovery

Our local support groups are hosted at our office Colorado Springs, Colorado at:

720 Elkton Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Established Support Groups

Our support groups help you build a community of healing.
Find the support group that is right for you.

Our Freedom Groups Help You Be Free From Sexual Addiction.

Our Freedom Groups are for men who are recovering from sex addiction. They give you an open environment to share your struggles, story and receive crosstalk from other group members.

Learn More About Freedom Groups

Our Partner Groups Help You Overcome The Sex Addiction

Our Partner Groups are for partners of sex addicts who are looking for support, help and a community of healing. Dealing with sex addiction in your relationship is hard. Our groups can help.

Learn More About Partner Groups

Our Intimacy Anorexia Groups Let You Rediscover Intimacy

Our Intimacy Anorexia Groups are for men and women who are recovering from a lack of intimacy in their relationships. The men's and women's sessions meet separately.

Learn More About Intimacy Anorexia Groups

Our Married and Alone Groups Fight The Loneliness

Our Married and Alone Groups are for women who are in a relationship with an intimacy anorexic partner or spouse. These groups help you deal with the loneliness and frustration.

Learn More About Married and Alone Groups

Self-Started Support Groups

Start Your Own Group With Your Small Group Or Bible Study.
We provide the materials, DVDs and workbooks to get you started.

Start A Clean Group To Help You Stay Sexually Pure

Start a Clean Group for men who want to stay sexually pure and say no to lust and pornography. Our DVD sessions and books help you create a group environment where you can build healthy mindsets toward women and relationships.

Learn More About Starting A Clean Group

Start A Lust Free Group To Combat Lust In Your Life

Start a Lust Free Group for men who need help combating lust in their lives. This group uses the Lust Free book and DVD which gives group members essential tips on becoming free and maintaining a lust free life. Take back your life from the ravages of lust.

Learn More About Starting A Lust Free Group

Start A Marriage Monday Group To Enable Healthy Marriages

Start a Marriage Monday Group with a group of couples. These groups focus on improving marriages and relationships through discussions and life-giving relational tips. The video sessions and workbooks will help you make your marriages better than ever.

Learn More About Starting A Marriage Monday Group

Start A Recovery For Everyone Group To Stop Addiction

Start Recovery For Everyone Group if you are struggling with addiction. These groups are based around helping you recover from addiction in any form. The concept behind these groups is based around the Recovery For Everyone book and DVD. You can use these group materials to start a recovery group to fight your addiction!

Learn More About Starting A Recovery For Everyone Group

Start A Worthy Group To Help You Realize Your True Worth

Start a Worthy Group if you are struggling with feelings of worthlessness, have low self-esteem and would like help realizing your destiny. You and your small group or Bible study can realize your true worth in Christ together as you make the Worthy journey.

Learn More About Starting A Worthy Group