Intensive Program


We are dedicated to treating sex addiction and intimacy anorexia here at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. If you are struggling with sex addiction, we can help. Your addiction doesn’t have to end your marriage, negatively affect your personal relationships, and ruin your self-image.

Our 3 and 5 day intensives will give you hope and a clear path to recovery. Dr. Doug Weiss and our licensed counselors will meet with you each day, create a recovery plan personalized specifically to your situation, and give you the resources you need to succeed in recovery.

The shame, guilt and fear you are feeling doesn’t have to rule your life. Find your way back from sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia at Heart to Heart Counseling Center and break the chains of your addiction.


Our Intensives provide hope and a clear path to recovery

Intimacy is the core building block of your relationships. It is even more crucial in your marriage.  Your spouse needs physical and emotional intimacy from you to feel cared for, safe, loved and trusted. A lack of intimacy builds walls in your relationship, causes anxiety and slowly kills your relationship. The lack of intimacy is a huge factor in divorces, relationship ending crises and marital struggles.

Intensive Scheduling

Our 3 and 5 day intensives are scheduled during week days.

3 Day: Monday through Wednesday
5 Day: Monday through Friday

Intensive SESSIONS

Expect 3 intensive sessions every day with your scheduled counselor.

Individuals: 3 individual sessions
Couples: 2 separate and 1 together

719 – 278 – 3708


Our intensives are held at our office in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Customized Counseling Intensives


Sexual Addiction Intensive

The Sex Addiction Intensive is focused on couples and individuals who are dealing with sex addiction in their relationships and want help. We can help you overcome your lust, pornography, compulsive sex, affairs, love addiction, extra marital relationships, romances, and sexual addiction. Break free from your sex addiction, redeem your life and live free with help from our licensed counselors.

Partner Intensive

The Partner Intensive is for partners in relationships with sex addicts. Being in a relationship with a sex addict can have a negative impact on you as well as implications for your own personal life, self-image and well-being. Your marriage to a sex addict doesn’t define who are you as a person or your future. Redefine yourself, your relationship and your image with the help of our licensed counselors.

intimacy anorexia Intensive

The Intimacy Anorexia Intensive is for individuals and couples who are experiencing a lack of intimacy in their relationships. Usually one or both partners are struggling with relationship damage, emotional immaturity and intimacy anorexia issues. You can experience intimacy again and increase your current levels of intimacy in your relationship with the help of our licensed counselors.

Begin your recovery JOURNEY now!

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The Partner Betrayal Trauma ™ Intensive is for partners who feel like their trust was broken. If you feel betrayed, this intensive is for you. The trauma created by being betrayed by your partner or significant-other irreversibly changes your life and relationship. They let you down. This intensive helps you heal and validates your pain. Let our licensed counselors help you recover from your unique partner betrayal.

TEENS Intensive

The Teen Intensive is for young adults and teenagers dealing with struggles of lust, pornography, and compulsive sex addiction. Sensuality is everywhere in our children’s world. Porn is available on their phones and practically everywhere on the internet. Our licensed counselors help teenagers overcome these struggles and set young adults on the right path, giving them hope for their future. We also offer intensives and counseling for teens coming out of environments where they were exposed to sex addiction.