Final Freedom Book

Are your sexual behaviors and desires out of control? Is your addiction to porn or sex destroying your current relationship and mental health? It is time to find freedom. 

Within the pages of this highly successful sex addiction therapy book, The Final Freedom: Pioneering Sexual Addiction Recovery is all about helping you find the tried and true path to freedom. Here you will find an explanation of how this addiction became a part of your life and a clear guide of how you can take proven steps to recover. While the journey will be difficult and uniquely yours alone, this roadmap has been tested and proven over and over again by Dr. Douglas Weiss’ clients over the last 30+ years, so you can have confidence these principles actually work. Welcome to YOUR Final Freedom.

With The Final Freedom, uncover:

  • The biological and psychological aspects of your sexual addiction
  • The spiritual, mental, and physical freedoms that come from overcoming the addiction
  • Twelve powerful, proven steps to conquer your sex addiction, even if you have failed before
  • And much, much more.

The Final Freedom was written to help courageous sex and love addicts take the intense journey to recovery once and for all. Paired together with the 101 Freedom Exercises workbook and the Steps to Freedom guide, Dr. Weiss created the Freedom Book Set to make the recovery from the sex addiction feasible! Finally, you can be free, too – start your lasting journey of freedom from sexual addiction today.

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