Worthy Group

Worthy Groups

Worthy Groups are support groups which help you find value and worth.

Our Worthy Groups help overcome feelings of worthlessness, unworthiness and low self-esteem. You are a treasured child of God, and He has great plans and an amazing destiny for you. You can take hold of that destiny by telling worthlessness to leave your life forever, leaving those lies behind you and never looking back. Move forward into your new life and toward your bright future.

The focus of these groups is to help you make the journey from worthless to worthy. Worthy Groups also walk you through the 12 steps in the book. These steps help you realize that you were made by God, sought after by His grace and love, created for better things and much more.

The Worthy Groups are self-started groups. This means you can start your own group to redefine your own worth and invite others you know who need to find their own value and worth. These groups are based around the Worthy Exercises and Step Book and the Worthy DVD. Pick up a set below to get started now.

Starting A Worthy Group

Please contact us for more information about starting a Worthy Group at 719-278-3708 or email us at heart2heart@xc.org.

Our Worthy Groups Feature

  • Steps to work through your struggles and doubt
  • Cutting out the root of unworthiness
  • Developing your value and worth based in God
  • Exercises which help you understand your value
  • Reminders of what your worthy future holds