Join Dr. Doug Weiss as he reveals powerful tools to restore your marriage and rebuild a life of sustained sexual integrity.

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Retrain the Brain

  • How to become destiny conscious instead of disease driven.
  • Receive powerful tools to overcome childhood wounds and pain from the past.
  • Get the keys to understand your true identity.
  • Learn how to reverse the damage from the unhealthy behaviors of your past.
  • Discover tips and strategies to reclaim your marriage and help her heal.
  • Walk through the steps for healthy disclosure to minimize collateral damage.


Host Dr Doug Weiss, acclaimed Christian sex-therapist, psychologist, and author has trained thousands of men how to break free from sexual bondage. The Conquer Series is boot-camp, which shows men how to find sobriety within 90-days. Warpath, the follow up to Conquer Series, equips men for battle so they can remain free for life.


01 The Warrior Identity

This is no longer boot camp. This is war. Identity is foundational because your identity determines your destiny. Sexual sin was Satan’s masterplan to destroy the identity of Christ in you. As a free man, this is the first area in your Warpath that must be restored. 

02 Battle Scars

Trauma is real. To find complete healing, we have to face and process our scars. As warriors, God has designed us with the ability to retrain and reprogram our minds and healing the invisible wounds is key to this process. This module is designed to help you identify the remaining wounds, old patterns, and damaging beliefs that continue to keep you from experiencing healing in your innermost being. In the weeks ahead, you will discover how God can reframe your woundedness and experience His victory in the places of your deepest scars.

03 Winning Your Waterloo

Understanding the addicted brain is empowering. In this module, you will study the different sexual templates that have been the driving forces behind your unwanted sexual struggles. You will discover the connections between your darkest fantasies and your deepest needs. Furthermore, you will be given powerful principles on how to permanently avoid relapse. Over the next few weeks, Dr. Weiss will give you the tools to help you reclaim victory over the Waterloo of your mind.

04 D-Day of Disclosure

Disclosure remains to be the “Wild West” in regard to sexual betrayal recovery. With the confusion and misleading concepts surrounding full disclosure, many marriages have experienced further damage. Dr. Weiss shows us it doesn’t have to be that way. This module will equip you to do disclosure right from the get-go. You’ll be introduced to several types of disclosures that you will need to follow; as well as how to best protect your wife and your family during this delicate process. By the end of this class, you’ll be D-Day ready.

05 Rebuilding Ground Zero

Learn how to rebuild the ground zero of your marriage – one structure at a time. In this lesson, you’ll gain a better understanding of your new reality and learn to empathize with your “Princess Warrior,” the new role your wife acquired when you dropped your sword. Regardless of what was lost in the fire of betrayal, you will discover that you can move towards an authentic and better marriage than you did before.

06 Declaring War

Regardless of what your past is, your sexual relationship with your wife can be healed. In this episode, Dr. Weiss will give you powerful tips for better sex; help you discover yours and your wife’s sexual expressions, and introduce you to a new tool: the “sexual agreement”.

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