Most of you have had a pet growing up (usually a dog). As a boy, when you got a dog, what was one of the first things you wanted to do with it? Most boys want to train their dog to do tricks. Once you had your dog trained, you would show your friends and family how intelligent your dog was and its many tricks.

Lust likes to train you to do tricks on command. It trains you to focus, lust, fantasize, and ejaculate to the same image again and again. Lust is actively creating a trigger for you. When you see someone who has similar features or coloring of the image, you will lust on demand.

Knowing your trigger can be extremely important to becoming lust-free. This training must be broken first by not lusting, fantasizing, or masturbating to these triggers. Second, when you see a trigger of yours, you need to apply as many tips in this book to escape lusting after that.

The image or person at the moment isn’t why you are lusting. It’s your training that is bringing about this chemical and emotional response. Knowing your triggers can help you break this training and move into a lust-free life where you start seeing women as people rather than objects.

Make it Real

1. Has lust trained you to respond to certain trigger types?
2. On a separate sheet of paper, describe the type or features you have been conditioned to lust over in the past.
3. If any of these triggers is similar to people in your real world, who are you going to tell (another man)?
4. How regularly can you commit to be accountable for your triggers over the next ninety days?

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