Touch deprivation is real and active today in Christian marriages. For some couples the only time they touch is during sex. How sad, we have such great bodies from God to enjoy with each other. Touch is a great way to express intimacy. You might have heard it said that your skin is your largest sex organ and I believe this is true. There are fewer things better than a time of cuddling or back massage or scratch with your spouse.

Physical touch is important not only for your marriage but also for the quality of your children’s marriage. Are you modeling the kind of affection to your spouse that you want your sons and daughters to give and receive in their marriage?

At this point, I need for you to evaluate physical touch in your relationship by thinking about some of these questions and maybe dialoging together about your answers.

  • Is physical touch mostly associated with sexual advances?
  • Do we have consistent patterns of hugging, holding hands and kissing?
  • Do we ever just hang out and touch each other?
  • Does one person give much more touch than the other?
  • Does one person do almost all the initiation of touch?
  • Have your children laughed lately because of a spontaneous show of your affection to your spouse?
  • Is this a much-needed area for improvement in your marriage?
  • Are you committed to working on physical touch in your relationship for the next one hundred-days?

Next Steps

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Intimacy: A 100-Day Guide to Lasting Relationships Front Cover

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