Is your marriage sexless? Many people experience a sexless marriage. Physical and emotional intimacy are essential parts of building lasting relationships. Learn why this happens. Here are 7 reasons why your marriage maybe sexless. 1. Intimacy Anorexia, 2. Sexual Addiction, 3. Schizoid Personality Disorder, 4. Depression, 5. Sexual Abuse, 6. Low Thyroid, 7. Low Testosterone and sex language miscommunication.

The Reasons

  1. Intimacy Anorexia – withholding intimacy from partners or spouses
  2. Sexual Addiction – being addicted to other things outside of their marriage
  3. Schizoid Personality Disorder – avoids close relationships and does not want sex
  4. Depression – it is very hard to want sex when you are feeling like this
  5. Sexual Abuse – traumatized from negative and hurtful sexual experiences
  6. Low Thyroid – thyroid and other hormone imbalances
  7. Low Testosterone – this can apply to both women and men and their sex drives

Miscommunication and your sex language can also play a part in having sex. Talk about what you want in sex. Ask your partner what they want. Find that happy middle ground so that both of you get what you want and can enjoy each other.

We have helped couples recover their sex lives who were sexless for 5, 10, or 15 years. We have created specialized counseling and intensive recovery programs to help couples find their sex lives again and rebuild their relationships. Reach out to us if you need help and call 719-278-3708.

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