Trauma And Abuse Counseling

Trauma Counseling: What We Do

Our trauma counseling sessions help individuals working through trauma, abuse and sexual abuse. Traumatic experiences can deeply affect you and essentially trap you in a reoccurring cycle of emotions. The fear, sadness, guilt, anger and grief can affect you for extended periods of time, continue to negatively impact your life and resurface again long after the experience.

Trauma is an emotional response that is created as the result of disturbing experiences, distressing circumstances or physical injuries.  It is similar to being in a situational crisis and can be an associated condition with a deeper longer-lasting effect. The effects of trauma impact everyone differently. These effects can become evident anytime after the event from immediately to many years afterward if other events trigger similar feelings.

Individual responses to trauma vary since it affects everyone differently. Some commonly experienced forms of coping with trauma include depression, increased anxiety and post traumatic stress disorders in severe cases. All of these responses can have significant impacts on your relationships, so it is important to address them sooner than later. Our licensed counselors can help you recover from trauma and abuse.

Our Track Record

We have over thirty years of experience helping individuals recover from traumatic circumstances and dealing with trauma at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Our program has empowered thousands of people to reclaim their lives and overcome past trauma. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews of our clients who are living in recovery.

Types of Trauma And Abuse Counseling

We offer two types of trauma and abuse counseling at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. We offer individual counseling sessions for victims of trauma and abuse with our licensed counselors and also complete trauma recovery programs called "Intensives."

Trauma And Abuse Counseling

Counseling Sessions For Trauma And Abuse Recovery

Our trauma and abuse counseling sessions are focused helping you recover from traumatic experiences and things like sexual abuse. If you are dealing with severe traumatic symptoms, we recommend that you attend one of our trauma intensive recovery programs to fully heal and recover. If you are not able to attend an intensive, you can get help through our trauma and abuse counseling sessions. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour.

Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Revealing the details of the trauma or abuse.
  • Helping you acknowledge the experience.
  • Analyzing the affects of trauma on yourself.
  • Assessing your emotions and resolving conflicts.
  • Creating coping frameworks you can use to heal.
  • Guiding you through the healing process.
  • Working with our trained trauma counselors.

Trauma Intensives

Complete Recovery Programs For Victims Of Trauma

Our Trauma Intensive program is focused on helping victims of trauma and sexual abuse heal from the traumatic events. The intensives are 3 or 5 days long. They include a full recovery program with three daily recovery counseling sessions with Dr. Doug Weiss or one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr. Doug, access to our recovery DVDs and materials, anger work, coping method development and more. Find your new life outside of the darkness of trauma and abuse through our intensive program.

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Escaping The Vortex Of Trauma

Facing trauma is like a vortex. Traumatic experiences consume every ounce of energy you have until it takes all of your focus to just be a feel "normal." Trauma does this by changing your outlook on life through the experience and making you relate everything else in your life to that event. When this happens, you stop growing and developing in the ways you need to emotionally and relationally. The cycle you enter keeps you inside this vortex until you take time to heal from that initial event, what the impact on your life was and what you can do to escape it. You did not cause the trauma but it is your responsibility to heal from it.