Pastors Counseling

Pastors Counseling: What We Do

Our pastors counseling sessions are for pastors, ministry leaders, church leadership and other spiritual authorities who are struggling with sexual purity, lust, pornography and sex addiction. Sex addiction is rampant in our society and church leadership is not immune to it. If anything, people who are called into ministry face more of a battle and temptations because if they can be lead astray, everyone who follows them will be more susceptible too.

I am sure you have heard of the stories about the pastors whose secret sins were revealed. Nothing is more damaging to a church than a ministry leader who does not keep his lust of the flesh, eyes and pride in check. They may have thought that no one would find out, that they hid it well enough and that it isn't a big deal. But when their actions and addiction came to light, the church was devastated.

Two things usually happen to churches when a pastor's sex addiction is discovered. First, it breaks the hearts of the congregation, and they lose faith in their leadership. How is a man of God supposed to teach, admonish and minister to others if he can't even keep himself in check? Second, it allows people to say, "See I told you so, they are no different from anyone else." Pastors and ministry leaders need to seek help for their sex addiction before it's too late.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader struggling with sex addiction, our licensed counselors can help you. Break the bondage to lust and addiction. Your ministry, church and God-given calling is worth saving. We can help you get back on track and give you hope.

Our Track Record

We have over thirty years of experience helping people struggling with sex addiction and treating sexual tendencies at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Our program has empowered thousands of sex addicts to successfully recover from their addictions. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews of addicts who are living new lives in recovery.

Types of Pastors Counseling

We offer two types of pastors counseling at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. We offer individual counseling sessions for pastors with our licensed counselors and also complete pastor and ministry leader recovery programs called "Intensives."

Pastors Counseling

Counseling Sessions For Ministry Leaders And Pastors

Our pastors counseling sessions are focused on pastors and church leadership who are actively fighting or recovering from sex addiction. We recommend that pastors attend one of our pastors intensive recovery programs to fully heal and recover. If you are not able to attend an intensive, you can get help through our pastors counseling sessions. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour.

Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Rediscovering who you are.
  • Stopping your self-destructive behavior.
  • Ending the double life you have been living.
  • Learning why you became addicted.
  • Establishing guidelines to watch for addictive behaviors and warning signs.
  • Creating a plan to live lust free in recovery.
  • Defining strategies for your successful recovery.
  • Renewing your relationship with God.
  • Seeking new ministry paths God is calling you to because of your addiction struggles.

Pastors Intensives

Complete Recovery Programs For Ministry Leaders

Our Pastors Intensive program is focused on helping pastors, ministry leaders and church leadership recover after dealing with struggles like pornography, lust and sex addiction. The intensives are 3 or 5 days long. They include a full recovery program with three daily recovery counseling sessions with Dr. Doug Weiss or one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr. Doug, access to our recovery DVDs and materials, ministry rebuilding methods and more. Find yourself in God again and be renewed! Make the commitment to get your life back on the course God established for you through our pastors intensive program.

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Shepherding the Flock Reborn

Pastors and spiritual leaders have a responsibility to shepherd their flocks, give hope to the lost and help people in need find God. They are in a unique position to impact the lives, hearts and minds of people affected by their ministries. Living free of pornography, lust and sex adduction as a pastor helps you understand what others who face these struggles are dealing with and going through. You can help them too and shine light into their darkened worlds. Everything happens for a reason. What if God is using your journey and calling you to help others who are struggle with sex addiction? You can find freedom and hope and help others find it too.