Partner Counseling

Sex Addiction Partner Counseling

Our partner counseling sessions are for partners who are in relationships with sex addicts. It can seem like it's the end of the world when you find out your partner or spouse has a sexual addiction. Our licensed counselors help guide you toward recovery, create a new foundation for trust and rebuild your relationships.

Partner counseling sessions can be used in one of two ways.

  1. You can attend a session while your addicted partner or spouse is also getting help for their addiction through an addiction intensive and making a commitment to end their addictive behavior.
  2. You can attend a session whether your spouse decides to seek treatment or not. This will help you heal from the effects of living with a sex addict.

Our Track Record

We have over thirty years of experience helping partners of sex addicts heal and treating sexual addictions at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Our program has empowered thousands of partners and sex addicts to successfully recover. We will do our best to ensure you join the ranks of recovery. Visit our Testimonials Page for reviews from partners and clients who are living in recovery and freedom.

Types of Partner Counseling

We offer two types of partner counseling at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. We offer individual counseling sessions for partners with our licensed counselors and also complete partner recovery programs called "Intensives."

Partner Counseling

Individual Partner Counseling Sessions

Our partner counseling sessions are focused partners of sex addicts whose partners or spouses are recovering from sex addiction. We recommend that partners attend one of our intensive recovery programs for the best chance of recovery. If you are not able to complete an intensive, you can get help through our partner counseling sessions. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour.

Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Helping you understand your emotions.
  • Coping with your loneliness and frustration.
  • Dealing with the trauma and betrayal.
  • Defining your spouse's sex addiction.
  • Helping you heal.
  • Walking with you through the phases of disclosure.
  • Rebuilding trust in your relationship
  • Providing recommendations for recovery assignments, therapeutic DVDs and healing materials.
  • Supporting you as you find your new normal after the addiction.
  • Encouraging you to join our support groups.
  • Opportunities to have your partner or spouse polygraph tested.
  • Recovery plans.

Partner Intensives

Complete Partner Recovery Programs

Our Partner Intensive program is focused on helping partners recover after learning that their spouse or partner has a sex addiction. The intensives are 3 or 5 days long. They include a full recovery program with three daily recovery counseling sessions with Dr. Doug Weiss or one of our licensed counselors trained by Dr. Doug, access to our recovery DVDs and materials, anger work and more. Recover from your relationship with a sex addict and rebuild your identity through our partner intensive program.

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The Impact Of Sex Addiction On Partners

Life is never the same after knowing that your partner or spouse has a sex addiction. This knowledge changes your life in many ways. It destroys the trust you had in your relationship, can seriously affects your self-image and creates so many emotions inside you that it makes it hard to cope.

The way back from knowing is a long road to recovery. It takes time, believable behavior on your partner or spouse's part and utilizing tools including disclosure to bring you peace and healing. Our partner intensives and counseling can help you withstand the storm you are in and rebuild your relationship. To learn more about how to heal as a partner of a sex addict, visit our Partner's Recovery Page.