Men were created to protect. We were created to stand against one thing and to stand for something. When you are in a protecting posture there are behaviors that support this.

In battle you put on your gear, carry your weapons, fight the enemy and capture to protect freedom. If you were to look solely at your behavior, would it show you are protecting lust (lying about your behaviors, keeping it hidden, having secret passwords, codes, hiding places, having special times to lust) or would you be protecting yourself and your family?

Behaviors of protecting you and your family would be: honesty about lusting, accountability practices, no secret passwords, codes, cell phones, e-mail address, Facebook profiles, having a porn blocker on your computer, phone and tablet. As a protector, you can look at your own behaviors to see who is being protected more. Of course, who or what you love you protect more. So take a moment and honestly assess who gets more of your protection – lust or those you love?

Once you know what you really are protecting, you can make necessary changes to start protecting those you love rather than lust.

Make it Real

1. In the past, did you protect lust?
____ Yes  ____ No
2. In the past, describe some of the ways you protected lust.
3. Today, who gets more of your protection?
4. What are some things you are doing or need to do to protect yourself from lust?


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