Worthy Exercises and Step eBook
(all in one)

The Worthy Exercises and Step eBook is a combined workbook which includes exercises and steps which go along with the Worthy DVD. This is the digital version of the Worthy Exercises and Step Book. If the lies of worthlessness have snuck into your soul and started to grow, then that means the worthlessness has taken root somewhere in your life.

This eBook will reveal where the roots of worthlessness hide and show you how to feel worthy again. It has brought countless people out of a lifestyle of worthlessness to being “worthy.” Take this path to become, feel and remain worthy.

Please note: This is a workbook that is meant to be used alongside the Worthy DVD. It is not an informational eBook or designed to be read by itself.

Paperback Available

Look Inside: Click Here To Read The First 13 Pages.


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