Steps to Sexual Health

The Steps to Sexual Health is a DVD series on sexual education and building a healthy mindset around relationships and intimacy. The series includes 10 sessions of sexual education with Dr. Douglas Weiss.

Session topics include:

  1. Going for Gold Sex
  2. Sexual Expression
  3. Roadblocks to Sexual Success (Part 1)
  4. Roadblocks to Sexual Success (Part 2)
  5. How I Coped
  6. Perpetrators
  7. Sexual Histories
  8. Healing our Histories
  9. Your Sexual Guard
  10. Sexual Agreement

These sessions were taped in front of a live audience. Steps to Sexual Health is perfect for public or private schools, churches or pregnancy centers or to train your own children. This is a professionally presented program for girls to be more prepared for life as a sexual person. Package includes is 3 DVD’s and a workbook.


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