Sexual Templates DVD

Each of us has a sexual template – a developed pattern in the brain of what we find sexually arousing. Sexual Templates are formed by unique experiences as a person matures. But, how do you change a sexual template if it has negatively impacted your life?

Dr. Doug Weiss, a Licensed Psychologist who has worked with thousands of men and women who are sexually addicted, have experienced trauma, or have had negative sexual experiences which have impacted their sexual template, will use his thirty years experience to help you rewire your brain and recreate a new, relational sexual template with your spouse.

In this video series, you will:

• Understand what influenced the creation of your current sexual template
• Evaluate your current sexual preferences
• Create a relational sexual template with your spouse

You can take back the steering wheel of your sexuality and drive into a sexual future of your choice!

Length: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

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