Sexual Freedom Class

Start your journey towards sexual health with the Sexual Freedom Course. Designed with practicality in mind, this five session video course gives you a structured approach with tools that have helped countless individuals break free from the cycle of pornography and sexual addiction in their lives!

As President of the American Association for Sexual Addiction Therapy and a Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Doug Weiss draws from his extensive experience to deliver strategies that address the complexities of sex addiction, from its roots to recovery. With straightforward tools and supportive measures, this course is designed to help individuals understand their behaviors, implement change, and work towards a healthier sexual lifestyle.

Session One: Learn the root causes of sex addiction and practical strategies for recovery. This session will uncover the impact that sexual addiction has on the brain, while also sharing the six types of sex addicts with tools to identify your sexual addiction type and overcome it.

Session Two: This session will address being proactive in your recovery journey. Dr. Doug Weiss will discuss how to identify and avoid potential triggers, including how to handle individuals and influences tied to past destructive behaviors. You will be given potential reasons for your past relapses and make a plan to circumvent them in the future. In addition, topics such as accountability, boundaries, and consequences for acting out behavior are covered.S

ession Three: Understand why identifying, communicating, and managing your emotions is a key component to your recovery. In this session you will be given valuable insights and practical techniques to overcome challenges, make informed decisions, and move toward emotional growth and maturity.

Session Four: Addressing unresolved issues and regrets from the past can help provide profound healing and closure. Dr. Doug Weiss will guide you through a practical exercise designed to aid in the process of forgiving others and yourself.

Session Five:  Dr. Doug Weiss discusses the relational aspect of recovery from sexually compulsive behaviors. Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or single, this session is key for personal growth when it comes to relationships and recovery. Dr. Doug Weiss talks about the disclosure process and gives valuable insights and methods to attaining authentic intimacy and trust in your relationship.

Sexual Freedom Class Preview:

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