Partner Betrayal Trauma® Step Book

Are you looking to work through the betrayal of infidelity? In this 12-step book by Dr. Weiss, you will gain the insight and support you need to understand the steps to overcome betrayal trauma and be the strongest version of yourself. You can work through these steps by yourself or with a sponsor, friend, or partners recovery group. In this book, you will learn:

  • Why your betrayal trauma is valid
  • How cheating spouses change you and the way you view your marriage
  • What it takes to heal your broken heart and the way to move forward
  • How to empower yourself back to the amazing woman you were before the trauma

Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. provides authentic, right to the heart information you can use today to be hopeful again and live an amazing life, regardless of your husband’s past. Gain the insight into why you feel so much pain and how you can overcome your current struggle to achieve a stronger, healthier future for your needs.

This is an excellent step-by-step guide for those struggling to overcome the past trauma of a betrayal in their relationship. You will gain insight from a therapist who has worked with countless patients and families for over 30 years to provide them with the support they need to come out the other side whole and better versions of themselves.

Learn how to overcome what betrayal has done to you and find your path forward after this very real trauma. You will learn to make decisions for your future based on what is right for you, with actual steps to take to achieve your best outcome. You are worth all the work you will put into your healing, so start today.

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