Partner Betrayal Trauma® Book

UNDERSTAND BROKEN TRUST AND ITS IMPACT – Has your partner completely broken your trust with their actions or words? Have they left you unable to see what was good in your relationship or how you could ever have loved them? Understand how trust is broken and what it does to you as well as your relationship. Unlike other relationship books, this one provides you with exceptional insight into what is really happening so you can start the process of healing the pain of your broken heart.

UNCOVER THE TRUTH BEHIND BETRAYAL TRAUMA – Has your spouse cheated on you? Are you struggling to overcome this betrayal and process what has happened within your Christian marriage? Life after infidelity can seem nearly impossible, especially as you question your relationship and try to understand your partner’s addiction to sex, porn, or love. Find the way forward. Uncover the truth of how you can go on after feeling the paralyzing shock, intense sadness, and profound anger of betrayal.

LEARN THE POWER YOU ALREADY HAVE TO HEAL AFTER A BROKEN HEART – Are you ready to find a way to heal? If you are looking for relationship books that provide authentic insight into life after infidelity, Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. provides the clear insight and guidance you need. With over 3 decades of specialized therapy for sex addicts and their partners, he is uniquely capable of helping you uncover the truth about the future you have after betrayal trauma.

EXPLORE THE STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE TO MOVE FORWARD – As the spouse of a sex addict, you have important decisions to make to heal yourself and your marriage. This book provides clear direction and support through proven, effective methods. This Christian self-help book will help you control the outcome of your situation by educating and empowering you to make the best decisions for your relationship. Heal from the affair and regain control of your life.

BECOME STRONGER AND RECOVER – You hold the power to heal in your own way through your decisions. This book will help you unlock that power by providing an outstanding guide on how to become stronger every day and get past the trauma of betrayal. The pain and experience of betrayal impacts all of your being and relationships. Fix your broken heart, help your relationships, and reclaim your marriage with the necessary strategies and resources for your personal recovery.

Are you looking to rebuild your life after infidelity? Are you hoping for a way to pull your marriage together or struggling with the decision to leave it? In Dr. Weiss’ book, you will gain the insight and support you need to understand what betrayal trauma is and how to overcome it to be the strongest version of yourself. In this book, you will learn:

  • What betrayal trauma is
  • How cheating spouses can change the way you view yourself and your marriage
  • What it takes to heal your broken heart and the way to move forward
  • What cheating does to a marriage

Douglas Weiss, Ph.D. provides authentic, right to the heart information you can use today to move your life forward even as you are experiencing such intense pain and heartbreak. Gain the insight into why you feel so much pain and how you can overcome your current struggle to achieve a stronger, healthier future for your needs.

This is an excellent guide for those struggling to overcome the past or current trauma of a betrayal in their relationship. You will gain insight from a therapist who has worked with countless patients and families for over 30 years to provide them with the support they need to come out the other side whole and better versions of themselves.

Learn what betrayal has done to you and how you can overcome this very real trauma. You will learn to make decisions for your future based on what is right for you, with actual steps to take to achieve your best outcome. Start today.

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