Parenting The Child That Challenges You (And The Other One) Video Download

Are you navigating the complexities of parenting two distinctly different children? On one side, you have the “easy child,” who follows rules and rarely pushes boundaries — the externally motivated child. On the other, you face the “challenger” — the child who questions everything, debates your decisions, and never misses the chance to negotiate with you. This child’s relentless persistence can be downright overwhelming at times because they are an internally motivated individual.

Parenting the Child That Challenges You (and the Other One) video download offers invaluable insights into the unique motivational systems that drive your children’s behaviors. Discover practical tools and strategies tailored to effectively guide each child based on their inherent traits — whether they’re the strong-willed negotiator or the agreeable follower. In this series, Dr. Doug Weiss shares his forty years of counseling experience to help you learn how to foster your children’s individual success and adjust your parenting approach to meet each child’s individual needs.

This series is a must-have for any parent seeking to understand and cultivate the best in their children, providing key insights that are instrumental from the toddler years through adolescence. Enhance your parenting skills and equip yourself with the knowledge to effectively support your children’s growth.

Length: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

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