Narcissism, Sex Addiction, & Intimacy Anorexia Download

If you are feeling like the traits of intimacy anorexia, sexual addiction, and narcissism overlap – you are not alone. How do you know if the criteria you’re seeing in your marriage is caused by sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, narcissism, or a combination of two or three?

This gray area of the sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia recovery movements has been left unaddressed by experts for decades. In this DVD, Dr. Doug Weiss tackles this issue head-on as he shares his thirty years of experience and the results of a one-year clinical study of his sexually addicted and intimacy anorexic clients who participated in psychological testing.

The profound information that you will learn in this DVD will help you fairly evaluate your specific situation for narcissism, which will help you develop a treatment plan to address the issue you are dealing with at its core. Having this clarity can help expedite the healing process for the sex addict, intimacy anorexic, and the spouse, as they are able to tackle the real issue at hand.

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1 review for Narcissism, Sex Addiction, & Intimacy Anorexia Download

  1. Emily

    I’m interested in this subject because I wasn’t aware that my own life was spirurling into sex addiction, due to my last 2 relationships. I dated a man that I believe is a Narcissist, who I now understand is also a (porn) sex addict! Also my ex husband was a sex addict and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t enjoy sex with him. I had my own issues if child rape by pedophiles.
    I’m finally getting answers. Thank you so much Dr
    Dr Weiss I’m enjoying your Facebook on line videos. I now have much more clarity.
    Unfortunately, at this time I cannot purchase your products but maybe in the near future! God bless you!

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