Married and Alone: The Twelve Step Guide

Do you feel unloved, disconnected, and alone in your marriage? Is your relationship lacking intimacy or completely sexless, like your partner is just a roommate? Have you tried again and again to get the love you desire from your spouse, only to feel unwanted and neglected?

When we marry, we hope to have a life of closeness and connectedness with our spouse, but surprisingly some spouses realize that they feel married and alone after they wed. If you feel uncherished and untouched inside your marriage, you may be married to someone who struggles with intimacy anorexia.

This step workbook walks you, the spouse of an Intimacy Anorexic, through the Twelve Steps that have helped many spouses who are married to addicts of any kind gain insight into their own personal journey while healing from the impact of being married to an Intimacy Anorexic. With practical suggestions and techniques to bring about recovery, this guidebook brings healing to those with a lack of intimacy in their relationship.

This book is part of the Married and Alone Book Set along with the Married and Alone book and Married and Alone: Healing Exercises for Spouses workbook. Rebuild your relationship, regain lost trust, and reestablish intimacy after the damage of your partner’s disconnectedness with our guide created for the spouses of Intimacy Anorexics.

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