Lover Spouse Book

A must-read book for all Christian husbands and wives as well as those who are about to be married!

Love is important in marriages. You may think you are a kind, loving, thoughtful partner, but are you a lover spouse? Are you embracing the role God has called you into in your marriage? This book, Lover Spouse, clearly describes the vision of marriage according to the Holy Bible and aids you in understanding marriage from a Christ-centered perspective. Christian marriages were designed to be different: passionate, fulfilling, and long-lasting. Explore this concept with our author Dr. Doug Weiss, who will help you become a “lover spouse” and set yourself (and your marriage!) apart from the world and its influences.

Romance is an important part of a successful marriage, and it helps to realize the potential of your spouse. This book provides guidelines to lead a prosperous married life and is helpful for anyone wanting to know more about what the Lord Almighty desires for your love and marriage. Featured with practical tips and foundational relationship skills, the information offered in this book will guide couples through the process of creating an intimate Christian marriage based on a solid biblical worldview.

When you embrace being a lover spouse, your marriage relationship becomes a lovership. Take hold of God’s promises and practice the included exercises to take your marriage to a whole new level and become lovers for life!

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