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UNDERSTAND WHY YOUR PARTNER IS NOT INTIMATE WITH YOU – Are you mourning the loss of intimacy with your husband or wife? Do you feel completely unloved in your marriage? Are you wondering what has led to the divide between the two of you and what is going on inside their mind and heart when they act distant? The first step to recovering your marriage intimacy is understanding what caused the loss of it, and then ensuring you and your spouse work together to achieve the closeness you both desire.

CLARITY ON THE PATH TO REGAINING INTIMACY – Have you been questioning what it will take to bridge the gap of marital intimacy but have not been able to find the answers? Does it feel like no matter what you try, your partner just becomes more distant? Does their avoidance leave you confused? Your path to real intimacy will be unique to your relationship, but you will be able to stop struggling with intimacy if you first understand what you both need, why you need it, and how to get it.

INSIGHTS INTO HOW YOU CAN INCREASE INTIMACY – Do you feel lost as to how to even start to improve your sexual intimacy with your spouse and get it back on track? Your marriage is unique, but there are universally proven steps you can take to become more intimate together in the ways you both need. It is possible to reclaim the romantic intimacy you once had and build the adult intimacy of your dreams, if you both dedicate yourselves to helping your relationship from the inside, out.

STEPS TO MARITAL INTIMACY BASED ON OVER 30 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING EXPERIENCE – Dr. Douglas Weiss, PhD believes any couple can work through intimacy issues and conquer fear of intimacy. He is a prolific author, psychologist, President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy, and Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, where they offer 3 and 5-day intensives for building intimacy in christian marriage.

HEALING FOR YOUR MARRIAGE SO YOU CAN RECLAIM YOUR COUPLES INTIMACY – As Christians, we are called upon to “do the work” and fix what is broken in our marriage. Divorce is not inevitable, and not all intimacy issues require couples therapy. Although this work can tax us emotionally and spiritually, it is possible to minimize the stress of the recovery process on you and your spouse with this resource. Thoughtfully find your way back to intimacy by rebuilding the love you shared on day one.

Feeling lonely, disconnected, or unloved in your marriage because your partner has stopped being intimate with you? Has your dream of a sacred union turned out to be married and alone? Intimacy Anorexia, the active withholding of emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy, may be the underlying pattern in your marriage. However, you can have hope again. Once Intimacy Anorexia is identified, it can be treated. You and your husband or wife will learn:

  • The four causes of Intimacy Anorexia
  • The ten characteristics of Intimacy Anorexia
  • The addiction process of Intimacy Anorexia
  • The strategies an Intimacy Anorexic employs to create and maintain distance in the marriage
  • The tools to stop withholding intimacy, productively build an environment where intimacy thrives, and start being passionate and giving intimacy

This book contains excerpts from other couples struggling with Intimacy Anorexia. Their stories help to communicate hope and healing for Intimacy Anorexics and their spouses. Part of the Intimacy Anorexia Book Set along with the Intimacy Anorexia Workbook and the Intimacy Anorexia Steps Guide, this book includes up-to-date information on sexual, emotional and spiritual anorexia and provides new insights for couples to reignite intimacy.

Be openhearted, in love, sexually fulfilled, and even “in like” with your spouse again. Intimacy Anorexia is real and painful, but it does not have to last forever! Start the journey of recovery today.

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