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The Erin, The Last Dragon eBook is about finding your destiny and taking hold of who you were meant to be. This is the digital version of the Erin book. Displaying a typical teenage attitude, Erin found herself checking off the school days left before graduation. Fate, though, breaks through and disrupts her world.

During a chemistry experiment gone horribly wrong, Erin finds that she is impervious to flame: she literally cannot be burned. This realization brings up many unanswered questions in Erin forcing her parents to inform her of her destiny, the information they had been saving for Erin’s 18th birthday.

Erin soon discovers she comes from a long line of dragons, dragons who have effectively maintained Earth’s balance since the planet’s beginning. It is up to Erin to decide whether she will accept the weighty responsibility fate and heredity have bestowed on her. It is up to Erin to determine if she will become the last dragon like her mother, and she has only 3 months to decide.

Erin must decide on her 18th birthday, choose between saving mankind by allowing herself to be transformed into the dragon she was born to be or remain a normal teenager.

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