The Clean Journal

This is the must-have journal for Christian men who seek to be clean. Being a Christian man, one should be crystal clear in their decisions and in every area of their life. The words “Clean – The Journal” on the cover help you to align yourself and your day with the word of the Lord Jesus. Featured with many practical applications, this journal will help you make the right decisions by teaching you many tried and true spiritual truths. This journal leads you to take an amazing journey towards God’s insights for your freedom.

Being a husband, son, and friend, your clean and clear decisions can influence others around you and also the future generation of people. This journal will help you solve difficult situations by making the correct decisions. Enjoy your life from a new perspective with cleaner and clearer thoughts.

Exclusively authored to help you realize your own ability, this journal has countless benefits and will lead you to live your life in a spiritual way. You will see the best version of yourself when you finish this book. When you apply the learned thoughts, methods, and disciplines to real life, it will transform everything in your life into the best it can be.

This journal is designed to be used in conjunction with the Clean book and/or the Clean DVD set. This set can be used individually or in a church small group or an accountability group.

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