101 Freedom Exercises

UNDERSTANDING WHAT DRIVES SEX ADDICTION – Do you feel like you just can’t kick the habit of sex addiction? Have you watched the increasing pain and devastation from your porn use or infidelity on your spouse, but never been able to control it? Are you wondering why lust haunts your thoughts constantly? The next step to your recovery starts with taking action to change your daily behaviors, so you can start reaping the rewards of your new life free from sexual addiction.

CLARITY ON THE PATH YOU NEED TO TAKE FOR RECOVERY – Have you been questioning what it will take for you to break free from the chains of porn and sex addiction but not been able find the answers? Does it feel like an endless loop of shame and addiction? Do some of your own actions leave you feeling lost and confused? Your path to recovery will be unique to you, but you will be successful once you begin to actively participate in your own healing.

INSIGHTS INTO HOW YOU CAN BE FREE FROM SEX ADDICTION – Do you feel lost as to the steps to take to liberate yourself from being sex addicted and get your life back on track? You are unique, but there are universally proven steps you can take to detox from persistent unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors. It is possible to heal from sexual addiction and get clean, if you start making conscious choices daily to take responsibility for your recovery.

STEPS TO RECOVER BASED ON OVER 30 YEARS OF PROFESSIONAL COUNSELING EXPERIENCE – Dr. Douglas Weiss, PhD believes any man can heal from sex addiction. He is a prolific author, psychologist, the President of the American Association for Sex Addiction Therapy, and has counseled thousands of men, women, and couples struggling with sex addiction. He is also the Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, offering 3 and 5-day intensives for sex addiction recovery.

HEALING FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP SO YOU CAN RECLAIM YOUR MARRIAGE – As Christians, we are called upon to “do the work” and climb out of the trap of sexual addiction. This work can tax us emotionally and spiritually, but there is a way to minimize the stress of the recovery process on both you and your spouse. 101 Freedom Exercises will help you thoughtfully find your way back through the process by rebuilding your resolve from the inside, out.

Are you feeling trapped by sexual addiction and hopeless that you may never be free from the consuming thoughts and behaviors? Obsessions with lust, masturbation, porn, and infidelity impact people from all walks of life and can bring confusion and hopelessness to a Christian, but it does not have to defeat you.

The 101 Freedom Exercises for Sexual Addiction Recovery is a real practical roadmap for overcoming sex addiction and achieving recovery. These exercises have been used for decades to treat Christians with sex addiction. Sex addiction IS something you can walk away from. Thousands of Christians like you have already obtained their freedom from sex addiction with this resource. You will learn:

  • A clear path to sex addiction recovery
  • How to equip yourself to destroy the strongholds of sex addiction in your life
  • How to create the support you will need to heal from sex addiction
  • The most practical approach to healing from sex addiction

This sex addiction workbook is the best single resource for Christians who desire to know what they need to do to become and stay free from sexual addiction. It contains 101 exercises, tips, principles, and survival techniques that have been proven to work. This is the related workbook to the Final Freedom book and part of the Freedom Book Set along with the Steps to Freedom guide. Freedom from sex addiction is possible! Finally, you can be free, too – start your lasting journey of freedom from sexual addiction today.

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