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The Dr. Doug's Tips phone app provides daily tips that help you recover from sex addiction.

phone app

Dr. Doug's Tips

The Dr. Doug's Tips app is a daily resource you can use during your recovery from sexual addiction. You can find this app using the links for the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores below. The tips are broken down into different resource categories including: recovery resources, partner resources, marriage resources, and youth and singles resources. Each of these categories are broken down into months with 31 tips for every month and daily insights into how you become better every day.

Other App Resources:

The app also includes other resource areas like a daily checklist for the 5 commands (Pray, Read, Call, Meetings, and Pray again.), 3 daily things to do with your spouses or partners (Pray Together, Feelings Exercise, and Praise Together.), a copy of the feelings list, a copy of the affirmations list, a list to other resources, our social media streams, and more.

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