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Partners Facebook Group

Our Partners Facebook Group gives you a place to find support while you are dealing with the impact of sex addiction in your life.

What is the Partners Facebook Group?

Our Partners Facebook Group is for spouses and partners of sex addicts who are dealing with sex addiction in their lives, relationships and marriages. Fighting through sexual addiction is hard. Don't do it alone. Choose to seek help and find community with other women who are fighting the same fight.

This group gives you a community of like-minded partners who will help you work through your problems, give you advice when you need it and help you heal from your pain. We make it easy for you to connect to this community  through the Facebook application.

Facebook Terms of Service

The Partners Facebook Group is part of the Facebook website and mobile application. Therefore, all activity and use of this group fall under the Facebook Terms and Policies.

This group is a closed group. This means that you must request to join the group and the content is only visible to group members. However, the group's member list is visible to Facebook users outside of the group.

Facebook Group Privacy Settings

If you are concerned about your privacy in relation to using the Partners Facebook Group, we recommend that you increase your Facebook account privacy settings to ensure your group involvement stays anonymous. If you are using your personal account and posting in the group, double check that you are posting in the group only and NOT on your own timeline, on a post outside of the group or on a different public Facebook page.

Limit Who Can See Your Groups

Step 1:
Go to Manage Sections on your profile page.

Facebook Privacy Step 1

Step 2:
Uncheck the Groups box to hide it that section.

Facebook Privacy Step 2

Join The Partners Facebook Group

Request to join the group now if you are dealing with sex addiction in your relationships or your partner is struggling with affairs, pornography or lust.

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