Movie Filtering

VidAngel media filtering helps you take control of movies and TV content.


VidAngel puts you back in control of movie night. You don’t have to accept Hollywood’s standards for your own family and let those values define your media consumption. VidAngel offers media filters and blockers which can screen and eliminate inappropriate visual and audio content before you even see or hear it. They also offer original content including TV shows and movies as part of their subscription services.

VidAngel Movie Filtering

How It Works:

Adjust the VidAngel settings to your desired filtering levels. There are three different filtering settings. The first one is visual filtering settings which can be used to filter content like graphic violence and disturbing images. The second filtering option is audio only which can be used to filter language and profanity. The third filtering option includes both visual and audio filtering.


Smart Filtering

VidAngel uses smart filtering technology to filter out content before you see and hear it.

Movie Filtering

Sensor inappropriate movie content, videos, and other visual media with VidAngel filtering.

Sound & Audio Filtering

Filter out inappropriate language including profanity. VidAngel can mute words and scenes.

Monthly Subscription

VidAngel offers a free trial and a $9.99 monthly subscription plan that you can cancel at anytime.

Take Back Control of Movie Night With VidAngel

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