Life is full of limitations. In order to manage these limitations, many of us budget ourselves to be successful. If you want to be financially successful, it’s best if you have a budget to help you identify what you have to do, what you have to spend to meet needs, and what you need to save to reach future goals.

If you want to be great at marriage, you need to budget your time in order to give the relationship what it needs to flourish. If you plan to be successful in a lust-free lifestyle, you should strongly consider starting a media budget.

A media budget is a predetermination of what is acceptable in your life as to forms of media and how much time to spend on them. You may consider movie ratings, porn blockers, whether to have Internet access on your phone, magazines, television, computer, or video games.

Your budget must have more principles than just, “I like that.” Then take a look at all the different forms of media you use and decide how much time you are willing to use to be entertained by them in total and individually.

Now you have a media budget. You know if you are going to view inappropriate images and attitudes and how long you are going to spend entertaining these thoughts. You decide what your budget is for media outlets and review them regularly with an accountability person.

Make it Real

1. Have you ever budgeted an area of your life?
2. If yes, give an example of what and how you budgeted?
3. What is your media budget in these categories:
___ Internet ___ Phone ___ Movies ___ Magazines ___ Television
4. How much time are you dedicating to be entertained?
Daily basis: _____ hours
Weekly basis: _____ hours
Multiply total weekly hours by 52 for yearly time absorbed in entertainment:
52 X ____ = _____ (total hours)

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