Lust is an opportunist. Another lie that lust leads you to believe is that you are to take advantage of every opportunity to lust. Lust likes to convince you to stroll through an area to look for women and images, or to allow fantasy because you have an opportunity.

Lust tells you the lie that opportunity is for you. Lust tells you that you will feel better, wanted, relaxed, and powerful. In reality, you are being injected with a disease that will slowly kill you and drain you of your energy, creativity, time, productivity, and even your sexuality.

Lust wants you to participate in the lie of opportunity so it can continue to infect you. When lust tells you nobody’s looking, it wants you to look at the opportunity. Most guys like legitimate opportunities, but these are not legitimate.

Your true opportunity is to slap lust into reality and refuse to objectify women. Instead, pray for her, or just move on into your inheritance. The real opportunity for you today is to have another lust-free day, paid for by the blood of Jesus.

Make it Real

1. Has lust sold you on the lie of opportunity?
2. What is lust’s real agenda for you when it presents the lie of opportunity to you?
3. How do you feel after you give in to lust’s opportunities?
4. How do you feel when you say no to lust’s opportunities?

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Lust Free Living Front Cover

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