Lust Free Groups

Lust Free Living Groups

Lust Free Groups are self-started support groups for men struggling with lust.

What Are Lust Free living Groups?

Our Lust Free Groups are for men who are fighting lust. Lust affects yourself negatively and feeds you lies. It influences your outlook on the world, contributes to the objectification on women and hurts your relationships. You are responsible for your thoughts as a man, so choose to be lust free and fight it.

Lust Free Groups help you establish a community of men who will stand together against lust. These groups use the Lust Free Living book and Lust Free Living DVD. These resources give you all the materials you need to create a group. You just need to bring yourself and other men from your Bible study, small group or circle of friends to get started.

Our Lust Free Groups Feature:

  • 50 lies lust tells you
  • Discussions about the specific details of each lie
  • 50 tips to overcome each lie
  • Active steps to think through every lie lust tells you and beat lust at it’s own game by using truth

How Do Lust Free Groups Compare To Clean Groups?

Both of these groups help men have the right mindset when it comes to sexuality and living as Godly men. Lust Free Groups specifically help you fight lust’s lies in your life. Clean Groups help you understand your position on the battlefield in the sexual war against men. The materials from both of these groups can be combined and used in a group setting.

Starting A Lust Free Living Group

Please contact us for more information about starting a Lust Free Living Group at 719-278-3708 or email us at

Materials needed: