All of us make some mistakes, after all, that is part of the journey of life. When we think of forgiveness we often think about how others have made mistakes against us. But too often we neglect the mistakes or sins we have committed against others or ourselves. Sinning against ourselves can also cause us pain or woundedness that we need to address so that we can be living a forgiveness lifestyle.

On a separate piece of paper, make a list of how you have sinned against yourself. Below is a list of possible but limited lists you might have:

  1. Not listening to what is right
  2. Not taking care of my body
  3. Sexual behavior before marriage
  4. Anger outbursts
  5. Abortions
  6. Pornography
  7. Self deception
  8. Grandiosity
  9. Not valuing yourself
  10. Weight
  11. The way I treat my family, friends or children

Next Steps

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The Ten Minute Marriage Principle

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