Trauma Intensive

trauma intensive and trauma and abuse counseling

The Cage Trauma Creates

Trauma makes cages. We have all experienced trauma in some form or another. Traumatic events tie us down to that moment in time. Severe trauma can make us relive those horrific events over and over again and keep us stuck feeling the emotions surrounding that moment - post traumatic stress disorder is a good example. It is time to address trauma, talk about emotions and escape the cage.

Trauma Intensive

The Trauma Intensive is for victims of sexual abuse and trauma. Many have experienced sexual abuse at some point. This can also be a contributing factor toward sex addiction. This intensive includes three counseling sessions every day and is offered as part of our 3 or 5 day intensives. Your scheduled counselor will help you clean up the residual effects of sexual abuse and trauma in your life. Our Trauma Intensives help you:

  • Narrow down the sexual abuse and traumatic experience.
  • Understand why it affected you like it did.
  • Enable you to experience healing by revealing your emotions and feelings.
  • Find healing from the symptoms of abuse.

You can be healed from your past experiences and abuse. Our licensed counselors are trained to understand trauma and will incorporate healing techniques within your intensive. The 3 and 5 Day Trauma Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are scheduled Mondays through Wednesdays or Mondays through Fridays.

Schedule Your Trauma Intensive!

Dr. Doug Weiss and our licensed counselors are here to help you with your trauma.
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“Please know that you are making a difference… please don’t ever quit… your counseling center is so desperately needed. It has literally saved my life. Bless you in all you set your hands to do to bring the message of hope and freedom to those who are bound.”
-M.Q., Michigan