Marriage Intensive

marriage intensive

Marriage: The Best-Hardest Relationship

Marriage should be the best relationship you experience in life. It can also be the hardest relationship you ever experience. No other relationship is like it. Two people make a commitment to each other for the rest of their lives, merge their lifestyles, combine their finances and live happily ever after... right? Ok, marriage may not always be smooth sailing. We get that and can help you work out the details.

Marriage Intensives For You & Your Spouse

The Marriage Intensive is for couples having marital problems but not experiencing sexual addiction or intimacy anorexia issues. Your scheduled counselor will help define the issues, provide solutions and offer long-term strategies for a successful and long-lasting relationship. Every day you will receive three sessions - one counseling session for him, one session for her and one session for both of you as a couple. Our marriage intensives help you:

  • Communicate better and with less negativity.
  • Mitigate conflict, solve problems and provide a productive sharing environment.
  • Deal with affairs and work through extra-marital relationships.
  • Find areas that need strengthening in your marriage.
  • Craft a  practical action plan to improve your marriage.
  • Create long-term strategies to keep your marriage healthy.
  • Have access to resources and DVD therapy to understand your relationship better.
  • Mend your relationship when all other options are exhausted.
  • Revive the intimacy level within your marriage.

No relationship is "too far gone" or "beyond hope." We can help you restore your marriage and make it better than ever before. The 3 and 5 Day Marriage Intensives are held at Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They are scheduled Mondays through Wednesdays or Mondays through Fridays.

Schedule Your Marriage Intensive!

Dr. Doug Weiss and our licensed counselors are here to help you with your marriage.
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“I’m very thankful Dr. Doug Weiss he took me from a boy in my marriage and turning me into an honest, loving husband. The truth came out, my wife and I are healing, I have the tools I need.”
-M.S., Wisconsin