Inspire Conference


A Conference for Partners of Sex Addicts and Intimacy Anorexics

Inspire is a 3-day conference for women who are or were in a relationship with a sex addict or intimacy anorexic. You will be hearing from experts in the field about how to grow, heal and inspire others in your journey. You will also be hearing redemptive stories from women who have experienced the tremendous trauma of being married to a sex addict and/or an intimacy anorexic, and you will learn how to take the pain you’ve experienced and turn it into a beautiful story.

Whether you are a newly wed and just found out about the addiction, have been married for decades, or have already gone through a separation or divorce from the addict, this conference will be a safe place for you to open up, connect and create personal, face-to-face relationships with women who truly understand what you’re going through.

This event is sponsored by Dr. Doug Weiss and Heart to Heart Counseling Center and will be held at their location in Colorado Springs.



October 1st-3rd



Heart to Heart Counseling Center
720 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907C



Price: $195

Early Bird Registration for $180 until August 31.

*Prices do not include food and lodging*

Schedule your Brain Neuromodulation Five Day Intensive or Tune up session before or after the conference! (availability is limited)


Dr.Doug Weiss

Dr. Doug has authored more than 47 books and offers 27 therapeutic DVDs for men, women and marriages. Dr. Weiss was the first to coin the term Intimacy Anorexia. He specializes in the treatment of sexual addicts, intimacy anorexics and their spouses. He offers 5 Day Intensives for sex addicts and their partners for the past thirty years.

Lee Gerdes

Lee is a scientist who founded Cereset, a company which provides brain modulation to mitigate effects of traumatic stress. Over 150,000 clients have used Cereset and its legacy technology over the last 20 years to mitigate traumatic stress, and thousands of those clients were wounded by betrayal, abuse, and narcissism. Lee’s history includes math, physics, clinical psychology, and theology as well as computer technology which all support an understanding of what actually happens to the brain by traumatic stress.

Lori Draveckey, LCSW

For the last 23 years Lori has been walking alongside women on their healing journey from Trauma, Partner Betrayal Trauma, Intimacy Anorexia, as well as other issues that they bring forward. Lori’s kind, yet straight forward approach has helped her clients work through difficult issues to find peace and freedom.

Kathy LaFavre

Kathleen LaFavre is married and a mother to 3 adult children. She lives in Bradenton, Florida and loves spending time at her home in the mountains of Colorado as well. She is the co-founder and CEO of WePellet a bio-identical hormone clinic, as well as the CEO of PromoEzz a marketing and branding company. Kathleen is a speaker and loves to empower people to live their best life through health, wellness and spirituality. She Loves finding the gifts in people and encouraging them to be everything God intended them to be.

Tory White M.S.

Tory has been encouraging and coaching women in relationships for over 14 years. She has coordinated and facilitated her own Women’s Conference and since 2002, holds women’s groups that encourages unity, faith, self-discovery, and emotional healing.

Inspirational Story Speakers

Michele Weaver

Heather Hawkins

Leesa Barney

Teri Odle


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Hyatt Place

503 W Garden of the Gods Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


5580 Tech Center Dr. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Marriott Towne Place Suites

4760 Centennial Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Drury Inn

1170 Interquest Pkwy, Colorado Springs, CO 80920

La Quinta Inn

4385 Sinton Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Mining Exchange

8 S Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Garden of the Gods Resort

3320 Mesa Rd. Colorado Springs, CO 80904


1 Lake Avenue
Colorado Springs,CO 80906