Married and Alone Groups

Married and Alone Groups help you work through your relationship with your intimacy anorexic partner or spouse.

What Are Married and Alone Groups?

Our Married and Alone Groups are for women who are in relationships with intimacy anorexics and have experienced a profound lack of intimacy because of this. Being "married and alone" is exactly what it sounds like. It means that you feel like you are on your own. You may feel like you are living with a roommate or a stranger rather than your spouse or partner because of the way he treats you.

Married and Alone Groups are 12-Step support groups which help spouses and partners of intimacy anorexics understand that intimacy anorexia is an addiction. The 12 steps of recovery are a widely recognized recovery system which we apply specifically to understanding and healing from your partner's lack of intimacy towards you.  These groups help you find ways to get help and regain relational intimacy.

The Types of Married and Alone Groups

Telephone Married and Alone Groups

Find a telephone Married and Alone Group at a time that is convenient for you. Every group is led by one of our therapists. These groups do have an attendance limit per session. Please contact us for more information about joining a group at 719-278-3708 or email us at

Local Married and Alone Groups

Our local Married and Alone Groups are led by trained group leaders and counselors. Please contact us for group meeting times and for more information about joining a group. Our local support groups are hosted at our office Colorado Springs, Colorado at:

720 Elkton Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Our Married and Alone Groups Feature

  • Topic based recovery groups for partners of intimacy anorexics
  • Confidential discussions where you can be open, honest and share the hurt from the lack of intimacy
  • Community members who are committed to their recovering from their intimacy trauma
  • Female counselors and leaders who are personally trained by Dr. Doug Weiss

Married and Alone Group Materials

These books and workbooks are used in our Married and Alone Groups

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Get Involved In Married and Alone Groups

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