This exercise is amazing. As a counselor I see so many couples who have difficulty even looking each other in the eyes. I have even had people not even remember their spouses’ eye colors!

Gazing is a very positive, strengthening Ten-Minute Marriage Principle exercise. As with the Flooding exercise, you will need a timer. Depending on your ability to do this exercise you might start off at fifteen seconds, then go to thirty, forty-five, and to a minute. Some couples do this exercise for several minutes.

This exercise is quite simple. Get two chairs and sit across from each other. You can also do this on a sofa or in bed. Set your timer for how long you want to gaze. Then just sit and look into each other’s eyes. That’s right: just look. Absolutely no talking is involved.

This exercise can blow you away—some couples feel exponentially closer after doing this for a minute. You can experience the presence, personality, and power of your spouse in a tremendous manner.

The goal behind this exercise is to connect at a nonverbal, experiential level. You can connect to and experience your spouse without words. Doing this daily can really accelerate how connected your relationship is.

Content taken from: Ten-Minute Marriage Principle

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