Lust’s natural enemy is the fear of the Lord. This is a very practical tip, not one full of religious doctrine. Contemporary Christianity has forsaken the whole idea of fearing God, embracing only God’s love for us.

If you had a father who was a manly man raise you, he was there to help you stay out of trouble. If you feared your father, you had respect for your father, understood his values and knew the consequences. My son knows I love him and I tell him and demonstrate that to him daily. He also knows my value of respecting women, especially his mother. He knows disrespecting women would be immediately painful. He has a healthy respect and fear of dad.

Respecting our father’s value of women is really helpful to walking lust-free. I know God loves me, but I also know he hates lust. He knows the pain it causes inside and the damage it does to those around you. Honor your father and fear him in order to maintain a lust-free life. Having his values and value of women in our hearts is an antidote to lust.

Make it Real

1. When you hear the phrase “fear of the Lord” what thoughts or images come to mind?
2. In your mind, what would it look like for you to have a proper fear of the Lord regarding lust?
3. Why do you think God hates lust and commands us not to lust?
4. What changes would you need to make in attitudes, thoughts, beliefs or behaviors to feel like you adequately fear God regarding lusting?


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