Family Counseling

Family Counseling: What We Do

Our family counseling sessions are for families who need a little help wherever they find themselves. Our counselors help and comfort your family when you are dealing with grief, internal struggles or pain. We can help resolve communication issues and disconnects. We address emotional issues, togetherness conflicts and family intimacy. We provide support as you walk through unique challenges such as blending families, struggles involving special needs children and military family life.

Families combine many different people, ages, perspectives, emotions and personalities into one family unit. That is what makes each family unique and is the beauty of coming together and growing as a family. We understand that each family is different. Some families do great in areas where others struggle and vice versa. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your current family situation, our licensed counselors can help.

Parents are in a position to do their best to provide for their families and lead their children in the way they should go. We understand that leading a family and raising up children is challenging. Sometimes, the burdens and stress can be overwhelming. Our licensed counselors can help you decompress, refocus and be the “best you” while parenting.

Children are learning how to act, respect authority, live life and be contributing members of the family. Sometimes you can’t seem to break through to your children no matter what you do and anything you try doesn’t seem work. Our counselors offer solutions that bring parents and children closer together, strengthen family ties and make memories.

Our Track Record

We have over thirty years of experience helping families, children and adult children work through their relationship differences through our counseling at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews from our clients who have had their family relationships improved through our counseling programs.

Family Counseling

Parents And Children Cooperative Counseling Sessions

Our family counseling sessions are focused around bringing your family closer together, resolving problems and deepening family intimacy. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour. Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Drawing your family members closer together.
  • Addressing problem situations, conflicts and disagreements.
  • Helping children live under and respect their parent’s authority.
  • Establishing examples and maintaining discipline.
  • Dealing with financial stress and family budgeting.

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Bringing Your Family Closer Together

Families are a gift. As the old adage says, “blood is thicker than water.” Our family is with us through all of our great moments and not-so-great moments. They are there to celebrate with us on happy days and comfort us and dry our tears on sad ones. It is important to create a family environment where your family members feel loved, supported, cared for and heard. A place where the parents love and cherish their children and where the children respect and honor their parents. Our counselors can help you create stronger family bonds and family intimacy. Let us help you brighten your family’s future.

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