Crisis Counseling

Crisis Counseling: What We Do

Our crisis counseling sessions are for individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, have experienced unexpected traumatic events or are in a crisis state. A crisis is any situation involving trouble and difficulty where you are not able to cope well enough to resolve the situation. It is not so much the event or the circumstance that causes the crisis but your  reactionary response to the event which places you in a crisis state.

Everyone’s response to a crisis situation is different. One person can walk away unscathed from a crisis while another person, who experienced the same event, may suffer severe post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. We understand that and offer supportive crisis counseling solutions to help you find stability and comfort.

Crisis Types

There are four primary categories most personal crises fall into: developmental, situational, relational and existential. Practically every crisis you experience in life falls into one of these four crisis categories. The crisis counseling methods used to address each type of situation are similar but the resolution practices and your response can differ greatly.

Developmental crises are based around the natural changes and growth in your life. These changes can take place on an physical, emotional or environmental level.  Behavioral and psychopathological crises can fall into this category as well. Several examples of a developmental crisis are transitioning through different phases of early life, graduating school, learning how to “adult,” having children, being an “empty nester” or experiencing a mid-life crisis. Our counselors help you understand why you are experiencing the developmental crisis and give you focus to resolve the situation moving forward.

Situational crises develop during events and situations which are out of your control, cause significant distress and  create emotional and sometimes physical trauma. These crises arise from any unexpected event in your life and have emotional impacts ranging from minimal to huge. Several examples of situational crises include emotional and physical abuse, violent crimes, accidents and natural disasters. Our counselors help you identify your situational stressors, cope and become stronger from the experience.

Relational crises mostly concern your relationships, your emotions surrounding relationships and your role as a relational partner. Relationships can be a huge stressor in your life and they need proper management to keep you happy and healthy. Several examples of relationship crises are conflicts in intimate relationships, family disagreements, divorce or threatened seperation and losing someone close to you. Our counselors help you through these hard times, bring peace and empower you with coping skills.

Existential crises are related to your existence, the core beliefs governing your life and your fundamental assumptions about the world you live in. A change in any of these elements or losing faith in them can bring about an existential crisis in your life. You can feel an overwhelming sense of insecurity, angst and loss without knowing who you are as a being and where you belong in life. Our counselors help you define what you know, how you can seek out truths in your life and remain rooted in tangible beliefs while you resolve the existential conflict.

Our Track Record

We have over thirty years of experience providing counseling to people in need. Our passion is changing the world and impacting the lives of others. We offer real help that can improve your life at Heart to Heart Counseling Center. Visit our Testimonials Page to read reviews from our counseling clients and see how their lives have changed.

Crisis Counseling

Crisis Management And Resolution Counseling Sessions

Our crisis counseling sessions are built around resolving your crisis, mitigating any negative associated behaviors and giving you the tools to function normally through similar circumstances. These counseling sessions are scheduled by the hour. Our licensed counselors specifically focus on:

  • Quelling the storm inside your crisis.
  • Focusing you in the moment.
  • Assessing your situation and depth of needs.
  • Defining your trigger points and stressors.
  • Exploring feelings and effects of the crisis.
  • Understanding your coping style.
  • Recommending solutions and resolution practices.

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Finding Calm In The Center Of The Storm

Facing a crisis can feel like the perfect storm. Everything in your situation is going wrong. All of your emotions feel like they are building up to disaster. Nothing you try is working, and nothing you do is bringing you any comfort or relief. If you feel like this, reach out and seek help. If you know of someone who is struggling with a crisis, help them find the calm center of their storm. No matter what type of crisis you are facing, we can help you get through it. Our counselors offer solutions that bring you hope, provide strength in the struggle and peace with healing.

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