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The Clean Conference is a priceless, no-nonsense conference for every husband, father, brother, son, friend, pastor and Christian leader on the front lines of this war. It is a soldier’s handbook for those ready to reclaim their homes, churches and nations for the God who has built them to succeed.


The Lust Free Living Conference shows that every man can fight for and obtain a lust free lifestyle. Christ has already paid the price for it. Dr. Weiss gives you the arsenal of tools to fight the lethal lies lust tells you by giving you tips that will help you get free and maintain a lust free lifestyle. You are a mighty man of God. Once you know how to stop lust, you will realize how weak lust really can be. God gave you the power to protect those you love from the ravages of lust for the rest of your life! It’s time to take it back!


Heart to Heart Counseling Men's Conferences - Sex, Men and God

The Sex, Men and God Conference dives into men's relationships in detail. During the first hour, Dr. Doug Weiss provides men with practical skills on how to stay sexually free within a sexually insane culture. The second hour of this presentation pertains to successfully shepherding your sons sexually. Men will be taught how to raise sexually healthy sons so that the next generation of Christian men can begin their sexuality in an open, healthy and informed manner. The last hour of teaching will relate to how to have the best sex of your life. This three-hour seminar will radically change men’s lives and give them the sexual confidence and tools that Christian men need today.


Heart to Heart Counseling Men's Conferences - Best Sex for Men

The Best Sex For Men Conference stems from the premise that most men have not been taught about the ultimate role of sexual intimacy in their relationships. Dr. Doug Weiss deals with the issues that this lack of information may have created in the lives of many men and the impact on their relationships. He explores the beauty of God’s desire for us sexually as men of God. Often when we can accept the truths of this conference, we are much more likely to be sexually confident and secure.


Heart to Heart Counseling Men's Conferences - Born For War

The Born For War Conference is a roadmap through the sexual traps this generation faces. Dr. Weiss teaches about practical tools to defeat the sexual landmines and discusses scriptural truths which will empower young men to desire successfulness in the war thrust upon them.

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