Clean Group

Clean Groups

Clean Groups are self-started support groups for men who want to stay sexually pure and say no to lust and pornography.

Our Clean Groups help men fight the sexual war more effectively and in a community of like-minded men focused on becoming who God created them to be. Men are born into a world where a battle is going on for your purity, heart and potential. As a Christian man, you can find hope that God made you for so much more than you currently know or understand through Clean.

Clean Groups are groups that you create yourself. You can form a group with a bunch of friends, a Bible study or your small group. The Clean Groups use a series of materials which include the Clean: A Proven Plan for Men Committed to Sexual Purity book, The Clean Journal, and the Clean DVD. Don’t just use these materials on your own. Choose to encourage and share your journey to be clean others as “iron sharpens iron.”

Are Clean Groups Different From Our Clean Class?


Clean Groups are similar to our free Clean Class, but they are meant to be used differently. The Clean Class is for men who are struggling with being clean, who are looking for information and need help understanding the fight for their sexual purity. Clean Groups are for men who want to dedicate time to grow together and have access to some of the best information for winning the sexual war on purity. These groups are much more in-depth than the class and contain a lot more material to help you be and stay clean.

For example, the Clean Class made up of 5 video sessions with handouts about living in purity and being clean. The DVD and videos used in Clean Groups are a similar to the Clean Class sessions, but they include 13 video sessions, and Dr. Weiss helps you dive deeper into the clean mindset. He takes your group discussion to new levels. Also, interactive assignments in The Clean Journal and related chapters in the Clean book pair well with the DVD.

Starting A Clean Group

Please contact us for more information about starting a Clean Group at 719-278-3708 or email us at

Our Clean Groups Feature

  • 13 video sessions which help you understand being clean
  • Related journaling assignments which make great group discussion topics
  • Groundbreaking information about being clean which is presented through the book’s chapters