From the beginning of my more than twenty years in counseling men who are trying to conquer lust, I have used this tip because it gives men the highest likelihood of becoming lust-free: Make a phone call. This principle has two applications.

The first application is to call another guy every day, regardless of how you are doing with lust. This is a time to check in on both your victories and failures. This phone call tells lust that you are viciously serious about getting rid of it in your life.

The second application is to call a guy when you are being tempted to lust. You make this call when the situation is occurring, or if you have found yourself lusting after another person or image. As soon as you make the call, it will immediately bring you back to reality—to protecting yourself and those you care the most about.

The men who choose not to make daily calls also tend not to make calls when they are in trouble. This principle is successful if you use both parts: call daily to check in, and call when you are battling lust.

I have heard many stories of men helped by making a phone call. Because of this, I am confident that if you follow this principle daily, and when necessary, freedom from lust is within your grasp.

Make it Real

1. What was your first gut reaction to the idea above about calling another man about lust?
2. Why do you think calling daily would be helpful to you?
3. Who are the three guys you could call?

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  2. ________________________
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4. When will you start making daily calls?


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